Spessartite Garnet (Loliondo, Tanzania) Untreated. 7.31ct., 11.29 x 11.31 x 7.16mm. Custom Square Cushion. (Gar1004)

all stones priced on request

Large, rich orange with a wonderful velvety look, this spess would be a real head-turner in a custom ring or pendant. Eye-visible inclusions are very common in spessartite and to be expected, but I’ve taken care with this stone to make sure the center of the stone is as clean as it possibly can be. The high-contrast inclusion off to one side does not distract from the stone in person and is, in fact, rather interesting under magnification.

You can read my journal entry detailing the cutting of this stone here: Spessartite Garnet Recutting Project

  • spessartite in indirect sunlight.
  • spessartite in shade
  • Finished stone, with reference ruler
  • Spessartite Square Cushion; fomal image.