Malaya Garnet (Tanzania). 1.12ct, 5.01×6.65×3.97mm. Untreated. LC3. Custom Princess Rectangle. (Gar695)

Great looking little stone — Malaya garnet from the Rift Valley of Tanzania and Kenya is a really unusual stone. To begin with, it has a seldom seen color for garnet, but it also exhibits a color shift phenomena. In different lighting, the stone is very different tones; note the difference in the two images below. (NB: a color shift is not quite strong enough of a change to be called a color-change stone, but certainly noticeable.)

This stone is cut in a design I use to give rectangular stones a bit more sparkle than is usual for the shape. It’s a cross between a radiant and a princess style stone. The design works really well for garnet. In this case, an unwelcome inclusion forced me to give the stone a low table — not quite what I wanted to do, but it works to make this stone a good choice for a bezel setting in a ring — no need to worry about excess crown getting chipped during wear!

  • Malaya Garnet custom rectangle
  • Malaya Garnet custom rectangle in hand

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