White Sapphire. 4.30ct, 8.38×9.80×6.16mm. Heated. LC3. Oval Reprise. (Sap1126)

all stones priced on request

Sometimes called “white” in the jewelry trade, this sapphire shows a very light blue in certain lighting and near-colorless in others. The color variation is beautiful and a very good thing — colorless synthetic sapphire is all over the market, but is truly colorless. The bit o’ blue in this stone testifies to it’s natural origin. I recut this stone from an existing oval, so I don’t have information on it’s origin. But given the color and the original cutting layout, I strongly suspect the stone is from Sri Lanka. Crazy sparkle in most lighting, this is a very pretty piece.

  • Sap1126_H2
  • Near-Colorless Sapphire Oval