Blue Sapphire (Umba, Tanzania). 1.35ct, 5.97×5.97×4.21mm. Untreated. EC2. Custom Princess Square. (Sap867)

all stones priced on request
Light, lively blue sapphire from the Umba valley in Tanzania. I purchased this sapphire as rough on my June 2013 trip to Tanzania. As with all stones from Umba, this sapphire has some inclusions that are obvious under magnification, but not apparent when viewed in-hand unless you’re rather observant and looking closely. Keep in mind that the images you see here are greatly magnified, the inclusions are no where near as apparent in real life. This stone is completely untreated; a choice sparkler.

  • Blue Sapphire Princess Square in hand
  • Blue Sapphire Princess Square in tweezers
  • Blue Sapphire Princess Square