Blue Sapphire. 3.24ct, 7.36×8.54×5.90mm. Heated. EC2. Commercial Cushion Improved. (SapB909)

all stones priced on request

I bought this one as a standard commercial cushion from a vendor in Tucson. The stone was languishing at the back of his stock because of it’s large, oddly shaped window, slightly abraded crown and eye-visible feather (inclusion). Feathers (trade name for an internal healed fracture) are common in sapphire like this, but should never impose on the beauty of the stone. Back at my shop, I was able to close the window, recut the crown and greatly improve the stone’s color and sparkle — and, most importantly, significantly lower the contrast of that bothersome inclusion. Now it’s a fine blue sapphire I’d be proud to have my wife wearing.

The vendor was not able to tell me where the stone is from, but the color strongly suggests it’s from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). It’s most certainly heated as nearly all sapphires are.

Be sure to look at the video below the pictures; it’s not a great video, but does give a very good idea of how the stone actually looks in-hand.

  • Blue Sapphire Cushion in-hand
  • Blue sapphire cushion in tweezers
  • Blue sapphire cusion formal