Pink Sapphire (Sri Lanka). 1.71ct, 5.91×7.58×4.20mm. Heated. EC1. Commercial Cushion Reprise. (SapP856)

all stones priced on request

Rich, almost-magenta pink sapphire from Sri Lanka. Very eye-catching stone that was maltreated by an unhappy cutter in a far away land. The color compelled me to buy it, improve the symmetry, polish and facet arrangements — and I’m glad I did. This is a very pretty piece.

I submitted it to the AGL for a treatment report — the stone is natural sapphire that has been traditionally heated. No beryllium added, no funny stuff; just seriously beautiful color.

This sapphire exhibits natural inclusions in the form of very small bubbles distributed throughout the stone. They’re pretty obvious in these macro images, but invisible to the eye; this is an eye-clean stone.

  • Pink Sapphire cushion
  • Pink Sapphire Cushion in tweezers
  • Pink Sapphire Cushion
  • SapP856_AGL