Pink Spinel (Tunduru, Tanzania). 2.49ct, 5.94×11.82×4.64mm. Untreated. EC1. Flash’n Diamonds. (Spin894)

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When I first saw this stone in Tanzania, I knew I had to buy it. The color is a 50/50 blend of purple and pink and very eye-catching. But the stone was unusually elongated for a spinel, so it sat here on my bench for quite a while as I pondered what to do. Eventually, I found this design by the late Jeff Graham. He intended it for tourmaline, but with some angle tweaking, it works really well in spinel. One of the features of this design is the crown is rather complex, giving surface reflections as well as sparkle. Several photographs to give you both the sense of the color and how the design performs in-hand.

I’m calling this stone an elongated oval, but it could also be called a modified marquise.

  • Purple-Pink Spinel
  • Purple-Pink Spinel in hand, daylight
  • Purple-Pink Spinel in hand, indirect lighting