Green Tourmaline (Brazil). 4.50ct, 6.75×12.35×6.12mm. Untreated. EC1. Flash For Tourmaline. (Tour969)

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Fine green tourmaline has become increasingly scarce lately. In the past several years, demand for and recognition of this beautiful gemstone has picked up world-wide and so have prices. This tourmaline was mined in the famed deposits in Brazil and is completely natural.

I’ve called this design simply “flash” because when the design is intended to give strong flashes of slightly bluish green on movement. I’ve given three formal images here in hopes of giving you an idea of the effect; you’ll only see the fully balanced color when the lighting & your viewing angle is just right. This is a very attractive reflection pattern that would look great in a pendant. You could also mount this stone as an occasional wear ring.

  • Green Tourmaline
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Green Tourmaline in tweezers