Recut Project: Yellow Sapphire Square Cushion

Posted on Feb 20, 2015 in Journal, Recut & Repair, Transformations
Recut Project: Yellow Sapphire Square Cushion

I just wrapped up a fun recutting project. A client needed a 6mm square cushion yellow sapphire with fine color, high clarity and untreated (if possible). I was able to find a badly proportioned square at Tucson this year and was reassured by the vendor it’s untreated. I’ll be sending the stone to the AGL next week, but no matter what this is a fantastic piece. Yet another example of how custom cutting really does make a difference!

after: 1.17ct, 6.12×6.15×3.86mm. (SapY996)

Yellow Sapphire Square Cushion after recutting

before: 2.45ct, 8.01×8.21×3.95mm

Yellow sapphire ugly square before recutting